Sunday, July 28, 2013

Prom Dresses!

Hey Ladies!

We have our prom and evening dresses in stock! They are here for you just as school is getting ready to start up again. Come and get your dresses for Homecoming! We'd like to thank our good friend, Cambree, for modeling for us! If you buy a dress from us, whether prom or wedding, please send us a photo of you! We'll put it on our Facebook page!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Winter Wedding

Hey Ladies!
It's Christmas time and it's a great time to have a wedding! It's the time where people are taking time off from work and school and getting together. It's the first time you've seen your aunts and uncles in years! Why not just get married while you're at it?! Just kidding, but seriously.... Imagine the falling snow, Christmas lights, the candles.... beautiful. But there are precautions of having a Holiday wedding. 

You may not want to exchange vows while your knee deep in snow, or rain, or mud. Inside is obviously the way to go. Have pictures outside if you can handle it and you know you can stand somewhere you won't get cold and wet.

Also, the weather makes things really difficult for traveling. So make sure you contact people to leave possibly a day or two earlier than they were planning.

Make sure the venue is big enough. Lots of people misjudge the amount of space people need to party. Take a tape measure with you! Make sure you know how big the tables are, how many there are, how big the dance floor is, DJ table, etc. 

It's the holidays and things get super crazy. If things aren't exactly right, don't sweat it! Breathe! Don't put the wedding entirely on your shoulders. That's why you've got a mom and bridesmaids. The most important thing is that you have fun and you get married to the man of your dreams!

Here is some inspiration for a winter wedding! HAVE FUN!!

 Got these from Pinterest!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hi Ladies!

We're going to be getting Modest Evening dresses this Spring! Just in time for Prom!! Look for posts on Facebook and the blog for deals!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Dress: Ruth

Hey Ladies!

There's a new dress in town and it's called Ruth. It was a custom design that went beautifully and we wanted to share it with you! It's a lace dress with a corset back and belted in the front to add extra elegance to the waist. I keep looking at the train and I personally believe that it is to die for!! It's vintage inspired and it looks lovely.

We'd like to thank the new Mrs. Rachel Maxfield for letting us design her dress and wish her the best of luck with her marriage. 


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wedding Dress Shopping Guidelines

Hey Ladies!

After a few episodes of 'Say Yes To The Dress' and seeing girls try on dresses at the bridal store, I've noticed somethings that brides do wrong when trying on dresses. The consultants and the managers on the shows also have noticed the same issues. I just wanted to share some guidelines for a successful bridal appointment and hopefully you girls can find a dress with out the stress.

Don't Bring An Entourage
Too many opinions are unnecessary when only the bride's opinion matters. Having too many people speaking out about a dress can put the bride in a really difficult position. She might want to please everyone and it could lead her to put off her own happiness for others in the room. Which no bride wants to feel like she was forced into one dress when the one she really wants is still at the store. There can also be some people who can be slightly jealous of the brides and they will shut down anything they try on or maybe encourage the bride in something not as flattering(I've seen it). Beware!

Jessica's Advice
Bring Mom and Dad or whomever is the Mom/Dad role in your life. They usually will be the ones supporting you and the dress you choose. Plus they usually will cancel each other out when one is getting too opinionated. Be careful with bringing friends because friends are the ones who influence you the most. Grandmas are always encouraged and it's fun to see the generations mingle. In general, I would say to keep it under 3 people. If more people want to join in on the wedding dress experience, let them down gently. Remember it's your day/dress/opinion that matters. Not theirs.

Don't Keep Looking When You Already Found A Dress
If brides keep looking when they've already found a dress just to see what's out there, they will never be satisfied. If brides want to see if they can trump the first dress, they are asking for trouble. Usually they can end up spending more money than originally anticipated.I've heard it this way. It's like finding a man. Once you found the one you want you stop looking around. Be happy with the one you have.

Jessica's Advice
Let's face it ladies, we're just tempting fate when we found something we really like but keep on looking. If you need to come back and try it on a few times just to remind yourself how much you love it. DO IT! It will keep you from having buyers remorse and spending more money and save you from stress.

Don't Try On A Dress That Is Outside Your Budget
Budgets are great and are key when planning your wedding. It keeps you out of debt and a line to follow. Trying on a dress outside of the budget will always create heart break and disappointment. It doesn't matter if the budget is $500 or $10,000. It's never a good idea.

Jessica's Advice
It's one thing if you are fronting the money for the dress, but it's a completely different thing if someone else is. If someone else is paying for it STAY IN THE BUDGET!! You are going to have to ask if there is any wiggle room just in case there is a dress you absolutely love. By wiggle room, I mean a few hundred dollars, not thousands. This way you can be respectful of those who are paying for it. You don't know what their financial situation is and you would hate to be the one that puts them in a dire situation. Always put yourself in the others shoes and be thoughtful.

Don't keep secrets from your consultant
Consultants need to be in the loop. They are there for brides to find the perfect dress and (as long as they've been working for a good amount of time) they know what they are doing. Trust them and they can help you. The more they know the better they can cater to you and your situation.

Jessica's Advice
This is where buying a dress and keeping on the search is a bad idea. You are wasting their time and yours and whatever bride is behind you. Especially if you don't intend on buying another dress. Let them know if you are financially strapped and to keep to your budget and that you aren't willing to wiggle. It's good to keep communication open between the brides and the consultants. That way a dress can be found in a happy and efficient manner without stress.

Always wear underwear
You would think think that this wouldn't be a problem, but it is. It's a sanitary issue and no one wants to put on a dress that has other peoples stuff all over it and no consultant wants to dress a naked girl. Talk about awkward!

Jessica's Advice

Thursday, May 31, 2012

July 4th Wedding!

I was browsing through Pinterest (as I usually do these days), and I found something too adorable not to share. This isn't my idea so don't give me the credit. It's a July 4th wedding theme. I could easily see this being a theme that doesn't have to be super expensive. Here is the link to the blog Invitation Consultants.

This would be a wedding where you could use carnations to cut the cost and it would still look pretty amazing. You could even add a carnation to the rope knot boutonniere to make it look more "traditional". You can give 'fire crackers' filled with candy as favors and there could be a chance that during your reception you can give out sparklers and have some summer fun under the stars! You don't have to go too literal and use stripes and stars all over everything, but definitely choose a bold blue and a daring red.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More Dresses!

Hi Ladies!

Wedding season is just beginning! We've received brand new gowns in and there will be photos coming soon! So please be patient with us!